Participation at the International Theatre Management Conference in Saint Petersburg.

Acclaimed performances of Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? at Yugoslav Theatre Festival in Užice and of The Glass Neck at International Small Scenes Theatre Festival in Rijeka.


Nebojša Glogovac dies.

A new production of The King of Betajnova at YDT, 70 years after the initial première.


Union of Theatres of Europe conference held at YDT.

Astrophysicist and author Alan Lightman at YDT for the première of Einstein’s Dreams. Lightman gave a lecture entitled ‘The Physicist as Novelist’.


After three decades, first guest performance of a YDT production takes place at the Croatian National Theatre with The Imaginary Invalid.

The Broken Jug performed at a theatre festival in Tampere, Finland.

Mira Stupica dies.


Dragonslayers performed at Sterijino Pozorje theatre festival in Novi Sad, in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Stuttgart…

The Broken Jug wins a number of awards at the International Small Scenes Theatre Festival in Rijeka, Days of Satire theatre festival in Zagreb with additional performances at Brioni, Budva and Tivat.

Lectures by Robert Wilson, Dušan Jovanović and Slobodan Unkovski.

Guest performance of Wolfhound by CNT from Zagreb. Previous CNT guest performance at YDT was in 1986.

Temporary closure of Bojan Stupica theatre due to health and safety.

First YDT guest performance in China at two theatre festivals, Beijing and Shanghai, with the production of The Imaginary Invalid.


Tamara Vučković Manojlović appointed director of YDT.

Belgrade becomes one of Union of Theatres in Europe (UTE) headquarters. The decision was taken at UTE meeting in Israel on 15 th November.

‘…I love theatre, too’ project intended for 4 th year students of grammar schools in Belgrade held at YDT.

Dragonslayers at Bitef, and on tour in Graz and Prague.

In memoriam: Marija Crnobori, Nikola Simić, Jovan Ćirilov, Olga Savić.


YDT declared a Cultural Institution of National Importance on 30 th April, 2013.

YDT and Institut Français work together on a translation project entitled trans|script which resulted in the publication of five new French plays with public readings of all five plays.


Tamara Vučković Manojlović appointed acting general manager.

Elijah’s Chair and Tracks on tour in Vienna, The Drama about Mirjana and Those around Her at Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá in Columbia and Phaedra’s Love performed at Festival International de Teatru de la Sibiu in Romania.

Plays subtitled in English – every month several plays are performed with English subtitles for theatre goers from abroad.

Plays at Midday – special discounts for senior citizens for matinee performances.


Phaedra’s Love performed at the international theatre season in Rome followed by a festival in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Elijah’s Chair wins the Mira Trailović Grand Prix at the 45 th BITEF theatre festival.

YDT wins the Golden Laurel Wreath at MESS festival in Sarajevo for its contribution to the art of theatre.

Dejan Mijač directs his last play – The Cherry Orchard by Chekov.


Phaedra’s Love performed at international festivals in San José, Costa Rica and together with La Dispute in Bogotá, Columbia.

Dreamers performed in Vienna with a special invitation from Volkstheater, followed by the International Small Scene Festival in Rijeka, Strasbourg and MESS festival in Sarajevo.

YDT wins the first ever special award for visual identity at Sterijino Pozorje theatre festival.

The Drama about Mirjana and Those around Her at Gavella Evenings in Zagreb, followed by a festival in Brčko.

Metamorphoses in Zagreb.


Phaedra’s Love at the Autumn Festival in Madrid.

Dreamers wins the Mira Trailović Grand Prix at 43 rd BITEF theatre festival.


UTE general assembly held at YDT.

On April 3, YDT celebrates its 60 th anniversary.

The Merchant of Venice at the UTE festival in Cluj and in Bucharest, Romania.


Performance of Locusts on the occasion of Biljana Srbljanović receiving the European Theatre Award in Thessaloniki.

Circus History at 14 th International Small Scene Festival in Rijeka, at Mittelfest at Cividale del Friuli, Italy, at Wienner Festwochen in Vienna and at the Pula International Theatre Festival in Pula, Croatia.

The Lower Depths at the BOK festival in Bjelovar.


YDT becomes a member of UTE (L'Union des Théâtres de l’Europe).

Dog Waltz at Festival Iberoamericano in Bogotá.

Locusts at the International Small Scene Festival in Rijeka.

Locusts, Hamlet and Huddersfield on tour in Ljubljana.

Locusts at the The New Plays from Europe festival in Wiesbaden.

Dog Waltz at the Post Jugoslavia festival at Teatro di Roma in Rome.

Boat of Dolls at MESS festival in Sarajevo; Eve of Retirement at Tuzla Theatre Days festival.


Tracks at the Contemporary Drama Festival in Budapest.

Hamlet (with Dragan Mićanović in the title role) at MESS festival in Sarajevo.

Huddersfield at the Tuzla Theatre Days festival in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina..

YDT becomes a member of ETC (European Theatre Convention). In December YDT becomes a member of NETA (New European Theatre Action).


The Merchant of Venice and Tracks launch the new theatre season in Sarajevo.

The Merchant of Venice at the MOT festival in Skopje followed by Mej(ni) Fest theatre festival in Nova Gorica.

Molière – another life at MESS festival in Sarajevo (Miki Manojlović and Mirjana Karanović win awards for their performances) followed by a tour in Ljubljana.

Rails performed at The Theatre Biennial ”New Plays from Europe” in Wiesbaden, Germany.


On 23rd May the new Big stage reopens with a premiere of Sterija’s Patriots directed by Dejan Mijač. Architects Zoran Radojičić and Dejan Miljković; interior decoration Ivana Milenković. Theatre Sculpture by Mrđan Bajić placed in the theatre atrium. Preserved mosaic of Girl with a Torch by Mile Milunović in the theatre foyer.

Branko Cvejić appointed general manager of YDT. Artistic director Gorčin Stojanović.

The Miser triumphs at the International Small Stage Festival in Rijeka winning five awards.


Actor Branko Cvejić appointed acting general manager and Gorčin Stojanović artistic director.

Slobodan Unkovski directs Tracks by Milena Marković.


Dušan Jovanović directs Moliere – another life (Miki Manojlović in the title role), Egon Savin directs The Merchant of Venice, British theatre director Alex Chisholm directs Huddersfield by Uglješa Šajtinac, Dejan Mijač directs Locusts by Biljana Srbljanović, Iva Milošević directs Phaedra’s Love by Sarah Kane, Miloš Lolić directs Dreamers by Robert Musil, Aleksandar Popovski directs Metamorphoses and Boris Liješević directs Elijah’s Chair based on the novel by Igor Štiks.

Cabaret Balkan at Festival Iberoamericano in Bogotá, Columbia.

Supermarket on tour in Moscow.

Shopping&Fucking on tour at Umag, Croatia.

The Miser at Kopar, Slovenia.


Gorčin Stojanović appointed general manager and artistic director.

Construction work on the Big stage begin again. A 200m2 shed is erected next to the Bojan Stupica Theatre housing a rehearsal room, dressing rooms, administration, management and costumes.

Belgrade Trilogy on tour: International Small Scene Festival in Rijeka then on to Pula and Ljubljana.

The Powder Keg at MESS festival in Sarajevo.


Eva Braun (CZKD) and Belgrade Trilogy on tour in Mülheim at Theater an der Ruhr.

The Powder Keg on tour in Nice, France.

Jovan Ćirilov ends his fourteen year mandate as general manager. Vladimir Jevtović appointed acting general manager.


The Powder Keg on tour in Ljubljana in May followed by a performance at KONTAKT festival in Torun, Poland winning critics and audience awards.

Belgrade Trilogy at Biennale in Bonn.

The Dresser on tour in Skopje.

The Colonel Bird on tour in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Troilus and Cressida at the Shakespeare festival in Craiova, Romania.

Le Misanthrope on tour in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

In the early morning of 17 th October fire breaks out in the main building of YDT which destroys the big stage, auditorium and some of the offices.

Mata Milošević dies.


The Powder Keg at Biennale in Bonn, Germany in June and in Rome in October.

Three Tall Women on tour in Vienna.


The Powder Keg on tour in Skopje and Bitola; Troilus and Cressida at the Ohridsko Leto festival.


Author Ronald Harwood at the premiere of The Dresser.


L’Illusion Comique at Mittelfest at Cividale del Friuli in Italy.


Baal and Spiting the Nation in Two Parts on tour in Warsaw.


Baal on tour in Ulm, F.R.Germany.

Baal wins the Golden Laurel Wreath award at MES festival for direction and costumes; Đurđija Cvetić wins best actress award.

The Travelling Troupe Šopalović and Spring’s Awakening on tour in Moscow and Leningrad.


Successful performances of The Travelling Troupe Šopalović and Peer Gynt at the 31 st Berlin Festival which also marked Berlin’s 750 th anniversary.

Patriots on tour in Trieste.


The Travelling Troupe Šopalović, End of the Weekend and Balkan Spy on tour in Sofia.


Jovan Ćirilov apponted general manager and artistic director of YDT. He will manage the theatre over the next 14 years, longer than any other YDT general manager.

This period saw premieres of The Travelling Troupe Šopalović, Peer Gynt, Patriots, Spring’s Awakening, Spiting the Nation in two parts, Baal, The Birds, L’Illusion Comique, Hamlet (Branislav Lečić playing Hamlet), Fake Emperor Šćepan Mali, The Dresser, Last Days of Mankind, Cabaret Balkan, In the Hold, Belgrade Trilogy, Le Misanthrope.


Croatian Faust on tour in Nancy.


Sunset on tour in Warsaw and Cracow.

Janez Šenk appointed new general manager of YDT.


Lemonation and Crossroads on tour in Moscow.


Slobodan Unkovski directs Croatian Faust by Slobodan Šnajder, Dušan Jovanović directs The Balkan Spy by Dušan Kovačević, Dejan Mijač directs Travelling Troupe Šopalović by Ljubomir Simović, Sterija’s Patriots and Spiting the Nation in Two Parts by Slobodan Selenić, Haris Pašović directs Spring’s Awakening by Frank Wedekind and The Birds, Eduard Miler directs Brecht’s Baal. Nikita Milivojević directs Jacques, or The Submission by Eugene Ionesco for the Drama Studio and Gorčin Stojanović directs Dear Yelena Sergeyevna by L. Razumovska for ‘Bojan Stupica’ stage.


Renovation of the theatre interior completed on 13 th March; Big stage of YDT reopens.

Sunset on tour in Florence.

Sunset, Othello, Fear of Flying and Lemonation on tour in Sofia.

Actor Vojislav Brajović replaces Petar Volk as deputy general manager.


Co-operation between YDT and Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Sofia: Branko Pleša directs The Collection Centre by D. Kovačević in Sofia and Krikor Azarjan directs January at YDT.


Miodrag Petrović, a dramaturge working at the YDT, appointed new artistic director.

14 th November, Polish director Jerzy Jarocki directs Sunset by Isaac Babel.


Dundo Maroje, Vasa Zheleznova and The High Seas on tour in Moscow and Leningrad, Othello and Dundo Maroje performed in Berlin at the Deutsches Theater; La Claque performed in Dresden.

Theatre critic Petar Volk appointed general manager with Zoran Milosavljević as artistic director.


A performance of The Mourning Rainbow by Olga Savić inaugurates the Theatre Salon, the third stage within the YDT.

Actor Marko Todorović appointed deputy general manager.

Performances of Dundo Maroje, Vasa Zheleznova and The High Seas at Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Sofia.


Première of Dundo Maroje directed by Belović on the occasion of Day of Theatre.

1976–1977. Dejan Mijač directs his first plays at YDT: Vasa Zheleznova and The High Seas (Pučina).

Less than two hours before the curtain was to rise on Vasa Zheleznova, actor Slobodan Djurić dies in a car accident at the age of 32.


Happy Days or Tarkelin’s Death, Socrates’ Defence and Death and Streetcar Named Desire on tour in Sofia.

Mister Dollar on tour in Trieste.


Because of the participation of Happy Days or Tarkelin’s Death at the Small Stage Festival in Sarajevo, the festival changes its name to Small and Experimental Stage Festival (MES).

Milosav Mirković appointed general manager of YDT.

Evgeny R. Simonov from Moscow directs Wolves and Sheep by Ostrovsky.


YDT celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Miroslav Belović directs Mister Dollar by Branislav Nušić.

Mister Dollar, The Barbarians and The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds on tour at Ivan Vazov National Theatre in Sofia.

200 th performance of A Flea in Her Ear.

Branko Pleša directs Happy Days or Tarkelin’s Death by A.V. Suhovo-Kobilin.


Stevo Žigon directs Hamlet (Tanasije Uzunović and Stevo Žigon alternate in the title role).

The Barbarians on tour in Bucharest.


Milutin Mišić appointed artistic director.

Ljubiša Ristić directs his graduation production of A Flea in Her Ear (opening night 7 th June). Premiere cast: Nikola Simić (Victor-Emmanuel Chandebise), Nikola Simić (Poche), Milan Gutović (Camille Chandebise), Voja Brajović (Romain Tournel), Moris Levi (Doctor Finache), Marko Todorović (Carlos Homenidès de Histangua), Vlasta Velisavljević (Augustin Ferraillon), Boro Stjepanović (Étienne), Slobodan Đurić (Rugby), Branko Milenković (Baptistin), Rada Đuričin (Raymonde Chandebise), Branka Petrić (Lucienne Homenidès de Histangua), Zorica Šumadinac (Antoinette), Vesna Latinger (Eugénie).


Bojan Stupica dies on 22 nd May.

Marijan Lovrić appointed deputy general manager for several months until the appointment of Milan Đoković as new general manager.

YDT for the first time at BITEF with a production of The Infernal Machine.

On the Edge of Reason and A Common Story on tour in Bucharest; On the Edge of  Reason on tour in Craiova.


Boro Drašković directs a play by Dragoslav Mihajlović based on his novel by the same name When Pumpkins Blossomed about his imprisonment and hardship on the island of Goli Otok (Bare island).

In a speech he gave in Zrenjanin, President Tito himself criticised the production. The party leadership within YDT demands that the production be scrapped. After a few performances, the production faded away quietly.

New YDT officially inaugurated in the building in the Manjež park (eventually to become Theatre “Bojan Stupica”)

Productions of On the Edge of Reason and The Affair of Innocent Annabela on tour in Vienna, Dundo Maroje and The Affair of Innocent Annabela on tour in Venice.


Stevo Žigon speaks a monologue from his role of Robespierre’s from Danton’s Death during the student protest.

Joža Rutić apponted deputy general manager, shortly to be followed by Bojan Stupica who will remain at the head of the theatre for less then two years, i.e. until his death. He decides to “rejuvenate” the ensemble and hires new actors: Đurđija Cvetić, Svetlana Bojković, Tanasije Uzunović, Gojko Šantić, Milan Gutović, Branko Cvejić, Vojislav Brajović, Dušan Đurić, Josif Tatić, Ivan Bekjarev, Mirjana Vukojčić, Zorica Šumadinac and whom the press will begin to call “Bojan’s babies”.


Performance of The Investigation by Peter Weiss before an audience of 15,000 people.


Eli Finci appointed general manager and artistic director of YDT for the second time.


Great YDT ensemble tour the USSR (The Discovery, On the Edge of Reason and The Hostage).

World premiere of Sławomir Mrożek’s Tango at YDT.


Ensemble performances of The Discovery and Bereaved Family at 11 th Théâtre des Nations.

Perfomance of The Discovery at Teatr Polski in Warsaw.


Miroslav Belović apponted general manager and Jovan Ćirilov as artistic director.

YDT takes part in the celebrations of Miroslav Krleža’s 70th birthday. Premiere performances of Salome, Masquerade, On the Edge of Reason (Ljuba Tadić in the cast).

Danton’s Death by Georg Büchner directed by Belović with Stevo Žigon in the role of Robespierre.


Branko Pleša in the role of Hamlet, directed by Mata Milošević.


Performances of The Discovery, Bereaved Family, Yegor Bulychov and King Lear in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1960–1970. French existentialists performed at YDT: Jean Paul Sartre’s The Condemned of Altona directed by Mata Milošević and Dirty Hands directed by Boro Drašković, Albert Camus’ Caligula. Predrag Bajčetić directs Clean Hands (Čiste ruke) by Jovan Hristić and J. M. Synge’s The Playboy of the Western World.

Jean Paul Sartre attends a performance of The Prisoners of Altona at YDT.


Milan Dedinac replaces Gligorić as head of the YDT where he remains until 1962.

Great tour of Poland: Warsaw, Poznan and Wroclaw with performances of Dundo Maroje, Bereaved Family and King Lear.

10 th December, small stage of YDT inaugurated.


Bojan and Mira Stupica return to YDT after a spell at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh visit YDT.


Author Ivo Andrić appointed President of the Theatre Council.

Patriots win the Sterija Award for best production at the First Sterijino Pozorje festival, actors Viktor Starčić and Milan Ajvaz win awards for their portrayals of Smrdić and Šebrulić and Milenko Šerban wins the best theatre set award.

Dundo Maroje and Yegor Bulychov at Moscow Art Theatre. Guest performances from both sides bring Soviet and Yugoslav theatre traditions closer. YDT performs at Gorky, Leningrad and Kiev.

Dundo Maroje at the Burgtheater takes Vienna critics and audiences by surprise. “Respekt! Respekt!“ “A glorious surprise, the most joyful among all the visiting foreign troupes this year.” “YDT is a discovery that will mark 1956” “It would be fantastic if Stupica could direct something at one of our theatres.”

Dundo Maroje in Budapest. “Mira Stupica possesses an extraordinary talent, a fantastic character actress, her temperament is like a sea storm in broad daylight, nothing can resist this tornado, both on stage and off it.”


Bojan and Mira Stupica leave YDT owing to “disagreements over theatre policy”.

YDT is in Paris again with Yegor Bulychov. Review: “What a troupe of players!”, “Mata Milošević’s direction is a marvel of precision and moderation”, “Milivoje Živanović is fantastic as Yegor which both Antoine and Stanislavsky would equally appreciate”, “What we are dealing with here is a veritable theatre troupe, homogenous, well rehearsed, who work together as a group with an extraordinary amount of dedication and pride”, “The production is full of detail, it attracts, it entertains and excites”….

Performance of Le Cid by TNP directed by Jean Villar.


First tour abroad – First Théâtre dês Nations festival in Paris at Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt with the production of Dundo Maroje. “The actors are very excited; full of energy coursing through their bodies, even their legs when the occasion arises …..They run, jump, fly, the stage sparkles under their feet. Their power of mime is extraordinary. The entire troupe is in a frenzy and seem to be having fun while, at the same time, entertaining the audience and I only wish you could have been there this evening to applaud them.“ (Figaro)


During its summer tour the YDT ensemble gives performances in Sarajevo, Mostar, Kotor, Cetinje and Titograd. Productions on tour: Spring Love, Dundo Maroje and Pera from Szeged (Pera Segedinac).


Author Velibor Gligorić appointed director of YDT.

YDT on its first big tour around the country: Zagreb, Ljubljana, Maribor, Rijeka, Pula, Brioni, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. Productions on tour: The King of Betajnova, Dundo Maroje, Spring Love (Ljubov Jarovaja) and Patriots (Rodoljupci).

1949 – 1959.

Mata Milošević directs Patriots, Yegor Bulychov, King Lear (with Milivoje Živanović as Lear), Bereaved Family (Ožalošćena porodica); Bojan Stupica directs The King of Betajnova, Dundo Maroje (with Mira Stupica as Petrunjela and Mija Aleksić as Pomet) and Mirandolina; Tomislav Tanhofer directs two classical productions – Anthigone and Phèdre (both productions with Marija Crnobori in the title roles); Miroslav Belović directs The Plough and the Stars, Long Day’s Journey Into Night and The Hostage (later in 1961).


April, 3 rd Yugoslav Drama Theatre opens its doors to the audiences for the first time with the premiere of The King of Betajnova (Kralj Betajnove).

Eli Finci is appointed director of YDT, artistic director Bojan Stupica during the first season then Milan Dedinac (until 1953) with Eli Finci, Jozo Laurenčić, Mata Milošević, Nada Riznić, Joža Rutić, Sava Severova and Tomislav Tanhofer as members of the Board.

Artists working at YDT: Milan Ajvaz, Kora Ajher, Branka Andonović (Veselinović), Kapitalina Apostolović (Erić), Vera Bebler, Miroslav Belović, Ljubomir Bogdanović, Karlo Bulić, Vilhelmina Vasiljević (Žedrinski), Mlađa Veselinović, Mira Glišić, Nada Gregurić, Jurica Dijaković, Božidar Drnić, Dejan Dubajić, Aleksandar Đorđević, Milivoje Živanović, Stevo Žigon, Ivo Jakšić, Ljubica Janićijević, Ljubica-Carka Jovanović, Đorđe Krstić, Jozo Laurenčić, Drago Makuc, Franjo Malagurski, Nevenka Mikulić, Jovan Milićević, Mata Milošević, Žarko Mitrović, Ana Paranos, Dubravka Perić, Strahinja Petrović, Milan Pinterović, Branko Pleša, Salko Repak, Nada Riznić, Zoran Ristanović, Joža Rutić, Sava Severova, Petar Stojanović-Slovenski, Bert Sotlаr, Danilo Srećković, Viktor Starčić, Aleksandar Stojković, Bojan Stupica, Mira Stupica, Ivica Tanhofer, actor and director Tomislav Tanhofer, Mihailo Farkić, Rahela Ferari, Sonja Hlebš, Marija Crnobori, Milenko Šerban, Mladen Šerment.


Decree on founding a new theatre:

“I hereby declare the founding of a new theatre – the Yugoslav Drama Theatre.” Josip Broz Tito


Decision to found a supranational theatre based on artistic principles of the Moscow Art Theatre.

Together with Bojan Stupica, architect Momčilo Belobrk begins work on reconstruction and expansion of the existing theatre space at Manjež park for a new theatre – Yugoslav Drama Theatre.