22 may 2020

HUDDERSFIELD on JDPtv tonight and tomorrow at 9pm


Due to technical reasons, we shall be unable to stream the production that was initially announced and planned as the last in this cycle of premières on JDPtv. Due to popular demand, this evening at 9pm we shall be streaming the live recording of Huddersfield.

In an effort to remain in touch with our audiences and help the entire community through the period of isolation, Yugoslav Drama Theatre started streaming productions from its archives on our JDPtv YouTube channel. In order to maintain the highest artistic standards, we have decided that JDPtv will only be streaming live performances filmed professionally on stage with multiple cameras and edited at a later date. The other condition was that none of these productions have ever been shown on-line which means they are all premières. The premières are streamed every Thursday at 9pm with additional streaming on Fridays and Saturdays at 9pm and on Sundays at 6pm and 9pm. The 6pm slot was included after a number of demands on social networks for productions to be streamed at times when viewers from around the world would be able to see them.

JDPtv started streaming on 26 th March, 2020 with the première of Huddersfield by Uglješa Šajtinac, directed by Alex Chisholm. Until today, JDPtv premières have been viewed by more than 65,000 people.

Thank you for being with us.