23 june 2023



The Yugoslav Drama Theatre will be closing its 2022/23 theatre season on Saturday, 24th June with a guest performance of Oedipus at the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad.

The production of Oedipus, directed by Vito Taufer, had two guest performances on 1st and 2nd June at the Zagreb Youth Theatre. The tickets for both performances were sold out days ahead of the actual performances and the cast received standing ovations on both evenings, a repetition of the impression left on the audiences of the Slovene National Theatre – Drama in Ljubljana last November and after each performance before a full auditorium at the YDT.

Since its opening night on 17th September, Oedipus has had 29 performances at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre alone. So far, more than 17,000 spectators have enjoyed this production and tickets for three to four performances scheduled every month were normally sold out as soon as they became available.

The last performance in this theatre season on the stage of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre will be Offing by Branislav Nušić, directed by Egon Savin, scheduled for this evening.