08 november 2021



Yesterday, at the closing ceremony of 26th edition of the Yugoslav Theatre Festival at Užice, the production of Offing by Branislav Nušić, directed by Egon Savin, won three awards. The Ardalion award for best director went to Egon Savin with the following explanation by the jury: “With a sure hand and an excellent understanding of Nušić’s works, director Egon Savin once again displayed his subtle approach and exploration of characters’ psychology in each individual play bringing Nušić’s writing closer to modern day audiences”. The Ardalion award for best male actor went to Nenad Jezdić for his portrayal of Vladimir Nedeljković in Offing. The jury justified its decision with these words: “By nuancing his approach in the portrayal of his character, Jezdić has managed to convey the complex psychology of Vladimir Nedeljković who is, essentially, a victim of his own ambition and the manipulators who surround him.” Lana Cvijanović won the Ardalion for best costume design: “With careful stylisation, Lana Cvijanović produced costumes with clear lines and engaging expressiveness that greatly contributed to the overall quality of the production”.