14 april 2020

THE KRAUT GIRL premières on JDPtv on 16 thApril at 9pm


Directed by ANA ĐORĐEVIĆ

The production opened on 15 th March, 2009 on our Bojan Stupica stage and was based on one of the most beautiful and most touching stories of Serbian Realism – The Kraut Girl by Laza Lazarević. This is a turn of the century story about a young Serb studying away from home in a far richer, more learned world and how he manages to conquer shame and pride in order to be happy, about the feeling of duty to his family and his community for which he has to reject his own happiness and about how patriarchal egotism and patriotic narrow-mindedness can cause a man to lose his freedom, deny his love and betray himself.

The Kraut Girl  has been performed at Sterijino Pozorje theatre festival in Novi Sad, Joakimfest in Kragujevac, Theatre Marathon in Sombor, Bora’s Theatre Days festival in Vranje and at Vršac Theatre Autumn festival.

It won Sterijino Pozorje award for costume design (Lana Cvijović) and four awards at Vršac Theatre Autumn festival: best production, best director (Ana Đorđević) and best actor awards (Marija Vicković and Radomir Vujović). Radovan Vujović won an award from the Dara Čalenić Fund for his potrayal of Miša.

The cast includes Radovan Vujović, Marija Vicković, Bojana Maljević, Milena Vasić/Anđelika Simić, Nebojša Milovanović and Bojan Lazarov.

Live streaming of this production was made possible with kind permission from RTS who own the broadcasting rights.

Further showings are scheduled for Friday 17 th and Saturday 18 th April at 9pm and for Sunday 19 th April at 6pm and 9pm.