31 august 2022



Among the six different productions in the official competition of 16th Mediterranean theatre festival Purgatorije 2022 in Tivat, the jury decided to award the best production award to the Yugoslav Drama Theatre production of The Miracle at Šargan by Ljubomir Simović, directed by Jagoš Marković. The jury justified their decision with these words – The timeless play by Ljubomir Simović, spiced up with the unique stage aesthetics of Jagoš Marković, represents a well rounded blend of physical embodiment and meaning. Clever stage solutions and expressive artistry help the director bring to the surface even the most subtle layers of this play and the excellent performances, together with other stage aspects, further enrich the powerful impact of this production. When trying to describe what a man represents Schopenhauer said: “Desire is suffering until it is achieved, and its achievement, i.e. happiness is accompanied by new suffering”, and this is exactly how this production reaches out for the very essence of human nature.

The jury decided that the best actor award should go to Sanja Marković for her portrayal of Cmilja in The Miracle at Šargan – the extremely precise performance by Sanja Marković whose stage presence appears both seductive and innocent, sensual and ethereal, vulnerable as well as strong, seamlessly embodying the psychological nuances of her character, especially through facial expression, helps the entire production become a veritable tour-de-force while simultaneously enchanting the spectators in the audience.

The award ceremony will take place this evening at the Buća Atrium in Tivat.