04 September 2020



The Yugoslav Drama Theatre Box Office will again be open starting from Monday, 7 th September. The first production will be that of Lorenzaccio by Alfred de Musset, directed by Boris Liješević, with performances scheduled for Monday 14 th September and Tuesday 15 th September at 8pm.

The box office will be open 10am – 3pm Mondays to Saturdays and 5pm – 8pm on Sundays and additionally 5pm – 8pm on performance days. Our repertoire is available from our website as well as on the Yugoslav Drama Theatre social networks.

Tickets for all performances on our September repertoire can be booked in advance and purchased at the earliest one week before the performance. This is our way of avoiding and reducing as much as possible the need to return tickets in case a performance is cancelled.

Tickets can be booked by phoning our box office on 2644-447 and 3061-957, by e-mail to jdpblagajna@jdp.rs or via our website  jdp.rs .

All productions will be performed on our Ljuba Tadić stage, starting at 8pm.

The Yugoslav Drama Theatre will be adhering to all the required measures to protect its employees and its audiences from Coronavirus. Audience members will be required to wear face masks during their stay on the premises, both during performances and while purchasing tickets. All those with a temperature above 37.2 degrees will not be permitted to enter the theatre. Social distancing will be observed in the auditorium and only one third of the seats will be in use.