03 april 2023



Today we celebrated 75th Anniversary of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre. As is our tradition, this was an opportunity to look back on the past year and the important milestones along the way since 3rd April last year. We published a monograph on the Bojan Stupica Theatre by Aleksandar Milosavljević, announced the first edition of our E-magazine which will become available to our audiences on our website and our social network accounts and, as usual, this was an opportunity for this year’s Yugoslav Drama Annual Awards ceremony.

The Annual Awards for direction went to: Jagoš Marković for The Miracle at Šargan, Vito Taufer for Oedipus and to Egon Savin for The Development Path of Bora Šnajder.

The Yugoslav Drama Theatre Annual Awards went to actors: Anita Mančić for her portrayal of Ikonija in The Miracle at Šargan, Sanja Marković for her portrayal of Cmilja in The Miracle at Šargan, Nenad Jezdić for his performance in the leading role in The Development Path of Bora Šnajder and his portrayal of the Beggar in The Miracle at Šargan, Milan Marić for his portrayal of Oedipus in the eponymous production, Nataša Ninković for her portrayal of Jocasta in Oedipus, Marko Radojević for his portrayal of Singer in Oedipus, Jovana Belović for her portrayal of Lavinia in Titus Andronicus, Sloboda Mićalović for her portrayal of „She“ in Fires, Milena Vasić for her portrayal of Phaedra/Magdalena in Fires and to Nataša Tapušković for her portryal of Sappho/Therapist in Fires.

The annual ensemble award for dedication, team work and honest emotional and energy exchange went to the ensemble of The Development Path of Bora Šnajder: Nenad Jezdić, Irfan Mensur, Branislav Lečić, Radovan Vujović, Nebojša Milovanović, Ognjen Nikola Radulović, Branka Šelić, Tamara Dragičević, Milica Gojković, Đorđe Pantović and Lazar Đukić.

Dr Branivoj Đorđević Award for diction went to Milan Marić for his perforance in Oedipus.

Lana Cvijanović was the recipient of this year’s YDT Annual Award for costume design and special artistic contribution in the production of The Development Path of Bora Šnajder, and Irena Popović became the recipient of the YDT Annual Ward for her composition of the original music score for the production of Titus Andronicus.

The Yugoslav Drama Theatre Annual Award for contribution to high professional work standards went to lighting designers Jovan Stankić and Siniša Čupić, head of wardrobe Ljiljana Nedeljković, make-up artist Gordana Jadžić and graphic designer Adam Rakičević.

The Branka and Mlađa Veselinović award for best actor in a YDT production went to Milan Marić for his portrayal of Oedipus in the eponymous production.

The Nebojša Glogovac award for outstanding creation by a young actor went to Joakim Tasić for his portrayal of Court Messenger in Oedipus and Saturninus in Titus Andronicus. The award was established in 2021 in cooperation with the City of Belgrade.

A special certificate of merit went to Raiffeisen Bank for many years of successful cooperation and support to the Yugoslav Drama Theatre. Company Movem Fashion (Boss) also received a well deserved certificate of merit.

Photo: Jakov Simović.