03 april 2024



Today we celebrated another anniversary of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre which included the YDT Annual Award ceremony.

The YDT Annual Award for adapting Thomas Berhnard’s novel The Loser for the stage went to Nataša Radulović and Ana Krstajić received the Annual Award for composing the original music for the same production.

Miodrag Dragičević became the recipient of the Annual Award for his portrayal of Oskar in the production of The Tin Drum based on the novel by Günter Grass, directed by Vasil Hristov. Jovana Belović received the Annual Award for her portrayals of Agnes, Maria, Roswitha Raguna, Sister Agneta, Irma Hoffmann and Jovana in The Tin Drum while Marko Janketić received his Annual Award for portraying Alfred Matzerath, Sigismund Markus, Felix, Dückerhoff, Axel Mischke, Pupil and Marko in the same production.

Gorčin Stojanović received an award for his direction of Cyrano by Edmond Rostand.  Dragan Mićanović received an award for his portrayal of Cyrano, Anita Mančić for De Guiche and Marija Vicković for Roxane in our production of Cyrano. The Annual Award for costume design and special artistic contribution to the production of Cyrano went to Lana Cvijanović.

The Dr Branivoj Đorđević Award for diction went to Dragan Mićanović for his performance of Cyrano in the eponymous production.

The Yugoslav Drama Theatre Annual Awards for contribution to high professional standards of our theatre went to assistant set designer Ivana Krnjić, make-up artist Snežana Petković, costume artist Evica Mančić, costume artist Milica Milanković, head of costume production team Marina Ilić, costume artist Tatjana Stajić and stage crew chief Miloš Pješčić.

In 2021, together with its founder – the City of Belgrade – the Yugoslav Drama Theatre established the Nebojša Glogovac Award for outstanding creation by a young actor. This year. the Nebojša Glogovac award went to Teodor Vinčić for his portrayals of Glenn Gould in The Loser; Trumpeter Meyn, Kobyella, Lieutenant Herzog, Hänschen Kollin, Gendarme 2, Clerk 1, Pork Roast, Pupil, Stephan Bronski, Russian 2 and Teodor in The Tin Drum as well as for Montfleury and Monk in the production of Cyrano.

A special Yugoslav Drama Theatre certificate of merit went to Raiffeisen Bank, DELHAIZE SERBIA Plc and COCA-COLA HBC – Serbia Plc for many years of unwavering cooperation and support.

Photo: Jovo Marjanović