Guest performance by “Reflektor Teatar”

DEATH TO FASCISM! Of the Ribars and Freedom

Directed by Milena Bogavac

Duration 1h No interval

A documentary production remembering Ivo Lola and the Ribar family.

This is a documentary production but it is not a biographical play.

By researching the story of Ivo Lola Ribar, his family, his fiancée Sloboda Trajković, and the whole generation of young people who gave their lives to the fight against fascism, the authors want to say something about their own generation; about themselves; the heroes and the ideals of today that they believe in. They want to speak about their understanding of the fight against fascism today and what the story of the Ribar family means to them, personally; in the current political moment marked by revision of history and ever stronger nationalist tendencies in the region and in the whole of Europe.

Conceived as both educational and socially engaged, this is a production borne out of six months of research including a number of lectures, workshops, visits to localities where people died and the fight against fascism in Belgrade, collective readings of relevant literature and analysis of relevant films and literature. The production is mainly based on materials collected throughout the learning process about Lola Ribar, his brother Jurica, their father, their friends and brothers in arms. The idea was for the co-authors and performers to undergo a learning process in order to be able to share their knowledge through performance.

The concept author and director was Milena Bogavac and the text was collectively written with the participation of performers and expert consultants, i.e. Experts who took part in the educational section of the process. Co-authors and performers: Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Nina Nešković, Strahinja Blažić, Sunčica Milanović and Nikola Živanović.

Co-authors and performers:
  • Nikola Zivanovic


Photo: Jelena Janković
Photo: Jelena Janković
Photo: Jelena Janković
Photo: Jelena Janković