Independent Productions Hartefakt fond Dunja Matic


Directed by Andrej Nosov

Duration 1h 05 min no interval

Kiddo is a play about four women: Kiddo, her sister Mala and their Mom and Aunt, looking at the period during which Kiddo becomes a mature woman and eventually leaves home. The relations between the four women are troubled and they are all trying to manage one another, including themselves, while all the time wallowing in the toxic everyday familiarity of family life, unaware that things have got out of control and that the bubble is about to burst. Kiddo is a play that looks at the eternal family and human relations, their importance and the influence they have on everyday living, the burden of social norms that shape our reality and the consequences they have for each one of us.

Leaving home, the family “nest”, is a mystery that has become crucial to my generation and it is still something we have not managed to resolve to this day. There are bound to be many reasons why this is such a problem, in the social, economic and nutritive sense, but there is also something in the lack of responsibility that people of my generation have for their own lives, dreams and passions. Dunja Matić wrote a play about herself which is simultaneously a play about all of us, even at moments when it is not directly about her nor directly about us. Her style might resemble many modern authors, but her greatest literary strength is in the simple and yet poetic, decisive and yet gentle, economical and yet rich, cynical and yet vulnerable poetic language.
Dunja does not talk about these passive and apathetic young people. She does something entirely different. Kiddo is not afraid or is at any rate too ashamed to feel fear – a device she uses to bring the youth and its energy to our stage.
Creating this oasis of work and poetry, of theatre and top-notch acting, has been a great privilege but also a learning curve, and for that I want to thank my four actresses.
Having children, heirs and those who come after us, having parents and being a parent became for me the main problem of our parents’ generation: They never understood what Duško Radović meant when he said: “start hitting your children the moment they start looking like you”.
And as Dunja says in the play: Why do you need a tree, to look like you.

Cast :