YDT Ensemble

Branislav Lecic

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art in Belgrade. Member of Yugoslav Drama Theatre
ensemble since 1981.


YDT: Lorenzaccio (Philippe Strozzi, Alamano, Corsini, Pazzi), Uncle Vanya (Uncle Vanya), Right You Are, If You Think So (Councillor Agazzi), Nora! (Konsul Weygang), The Journal of Carnojevic, A Profitable Position (Akim Akimovich Yusov), Othello (Brabantio), Death Is Not a Bicycle (to be stolen from you) (Ropac), Eve of Retirement (Rudolf Hoeller), Boat for Dolls (Hunter), Hamlet (Claudius, 2005), Hamlet (Hamlet, 1992), Dog Waltz (Henry Tile), Closer (Larry), Folie à Deux (Marquis / He), Cabinet Minister’s Wife (Cheda), Fool for Love (Eddie), Spring’s Awakening (Melchior), The Little Prince (Pilot), Patriots (Leprshich), Peer Gynt (Peer Gynt), The Balkan Spy (Inspector), Croatian Faust (Zhanko), Nahod Simeon (Sinan);

ZVEZDARA TEATAR: Correspondence (Simeon Njegovan Lupus), Mr Nušić’s Birthday (Branislav Nušić), Dress Rehearsal for a Suicide (Actor, Suicide and Suicide’s brother), Five Star Container (Professor); NT Belgrade/THEATRE CITY BUDVA: Kanjoš Macedonović (Furlan); THEATRE CITY BUDVA: Red (Mark Rothko); ATELJE 212: Samoudica (Radman), America, Part Two (Daniel), Decameron 81 (Student), Duck Hunting (Sayapin); ULYSSES: The Drunken Night 1918 (Leutenant-Colonel Simović); MADLENIANUM: Prometheus Bound (Prometheus); BITEF TEATAR: The Beggar’s Opera (Mack the Knife); SPLITSKO LJETO: Pericles (Pericles), Military Secret (Dr Strel); KPGT/SC: Black Hand Secret (Apis); DUBROVNIK SUMMER FESTIVAL: Life’s a Dream (Sigismundo); SNT: Migrations (Vuk Isaković).

TV: The Wrong Man, Suspicious Persons, Crazy Confused Normal, Zvezdara, The Man Who Defended Gavrilo Princip, Montevideo: Taste of a Dream, Sinđelić Family, Military Academy, The Seal, Hold Back Time, The Storks Will Return, Open Door, Aleksa Šantić, Broom Without a Handle, Vuk Karadžić, Grey Home, A Base on the Danube

FILM: Name: Dobrica, Surname: Unknown, Montevideo: Taste of a Dream, The Man Who Defended Gavrilo Princip, St. George Slays the Dragon, Sheitan Warrior, Labyrinth, Balkan Rules, Underground, In the Middle of Nowhere, Three Tickets to Hollywood, Bulevar Revolucije, Charuga, Silent Gunpowder, The Battle of Kosovo, Migrations, My Uncle’s Legacy, Oktoberfest, Death March, Live Broadcast, The Promising Boy, Hajduk, Special Education

PRODUCTIONS DIRECTED: The Robbers (YDT), St. George Slays the Dragon (National Theatre, Athens), Balkan Rhapsody (Bitef Teatar), Indigo (Theatre City Budva/Smart Studio/Dom Omladine), A Warning – Ten Years Later, Zoran Đinđić (Smart Studio, première at Sava Centar).

Appointed first Minister of Culture after the democratic changes on 5 th October, 2000.

Teaches acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Art in Belgrade. Founder and teacher at LekArt, school for acting, dance and singing.

Recipient of numerous film and theatre awards, among others: Sterijino Pozorje awards, Yugoslav Drama Theatre Annual awards (2019, 2016, 2014, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 1993), Emperor Constantine award at Film Festival in Niš, Golden Arena award in Pula for best male actor, Best actor award at Moscow Film Festival…



UNCLE VANYA A. P. Chekhov; Directed by Egon Savin (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
RIGHT YOU ARE, IF YOU THINK SO by Luigi Pirrandelo; Directed by Jagos Markovic (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
A PROFITABLE POSITION A. N. Ostrovsky; Directed by Egon Savin
OTHELLO W. Shakespeare; Directed by Milos Lolic