YDT Ensemble

Jasmina Avramovic

Born in Valjevo. Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art, under the mentorship of prof. Arsa Jovanović. First appearance in a Yugoslav Drama Theatre production in The Battle of Kolubara in 1983. In her third year of studies received a YDT bursary and became a full member of YDT ensemble in 1985.


YDT: The King of Betajnova (Lužarica), Right You Are, If You Think So (Lady Amalia), The Woman from Sarajevo (Mother), Death Is Not a Bicycle (to be stolen from you) (Lady), By the Bog of Cats (Mrs Kilbride), Barbelo, of Dogs and Children (Milla), Boat for Dolls (Witch), Locusts (Zhana), Timetable of Andreas Sam (Maria Sam and Mrs. Rigo), Dog Waltz (Lucky Woman), The Cherry Orchard (Varya), The Oginski Polonaise (Tanya), Nijinsky (Romola), Mein Kampf (Madam Death), Blue Bird (Cat), Twelfth Night (Viola), Café au Lait (Crkva Ružica), In Search of Marcel Proust (Helena), Marquise de Sade (Countess de Sans Phone), The Tempest (Ariel), Spring’s Awakening (Death), Migrations (Joka), Peer Gynt (Anitra), Travelling Troupe Šopalović (Sophia), The Third Spring of Sveta Petronijević (Gordana), Demons (Maria Shatova);

YDT/ZVEZDARA TEATAR: At the Bergmans (Laura Bergman Lebowitz);

SKC: Exercises at Goethe Institut; UDUS: Mythologics; ŠABAC THEATRE: Café au Lait (Crkva Ružica); DK VALJEVO: Lyrical Genealogy, Electra (Electra), Macbeth (Lady Macbeth); BARSKI LJETOPIS: Events in the Shade of a Donkey; BDT: Vincent (Ursula Loyer); BELEF: Antony and Cleopatra (Cleopatra); NT Niš: Dog, Woman, Man (Woman); MNT/YDT: Nora (Nora); BITEF TEATAR: Far Away; ATELJE 212: Amy’s View (Esme Allen), Moja ti (Zagorka); UK „Vuk Karadžić”: A Streetcar Named Loneliness.

TV: Time of Evil, Secrets of the Grapevine, Klan,  Time of Evil , Secrets of the Grapevine , Underneath, Morning Changes Everything, Montevideo: Taste of a Dream, Invincible Heart, Her Mother’s Sin, Some Strange Folk, Wounded Eagle, Ideal Relationships, Funny and Other Stories, Open Doors, The Policeman from Petlovo Brdo, Grey Home, Give Me Wings for a Spin, Inventors, File 128, Electra, A Desire Named Streetcar, Eternal Tap, Visit of a Young Lady, Grass Grows, Sympathy and Antipathy, Bed…

FILM: You Won’t Be Alone, Skinning, Wounded Eagle, Normal People, Byzantine Blue, The Balkan Perestroika, Study of Mass Media in the Balkans, The Bizarre Country…

AWARDS: YDT Annual awards (2014, 2007, 2000, 1997, 1994, 1989), City of Belgrade award, Ardalion award, Vitomir Bogić award for best performance on Radio Belgrade, Spomen na glumca prize and audience award at the Milivoje Živanović theatre festival, best peformance award at the TV Drama Festival in Vrnjačka Banja…



THE KING OF BETAJNOVA by Ivan Cankar; Directed by Milan Neskovic (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
RIGHT YOU ARE, IF YOU THINK SO by Luigi Pirrandelo; Directed by Jagos Markovic (photo: Nenad Petrovic)