YDT Ensemble

Joakim Tasic

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art under the mentorship of prof. Biljana Mašić. Member of Yugoslav Drama Theatre ensemble since 2018.


YDT: Nathan the Wise (Templar), Einstein’s Dreams (Federico, Schooly, Aquile, Tonino, Alan), Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Constable);

ZVEZDARA TEATAR: Correspondence (Simeon Njegovan – young boss); MADLENIANUM: Miloš Crnjanski (Young Crnjanski); BDT: Keys to Lerah (Maxim); NT Belgrade: Electra (Chorus), La Dame aux Camélias (Armand Duval).

TV: Santa Maria della Salute (Young Laza Kostić).

FILM: My Husband’s Double Life, Prudence, Santa Maria della Salute

AWARDS: YDT Annual Award (collective 2019); for the role of Simeon Njegovan – young boss, received following awards: Golden Grain award for best young actor at Bucini dani theatre festival in Aleksandrovac, Ardalion award for best upcoming actor and Avdo Mujčinović award presented by The Politika daily at 23rd Yugoslav Theatre Festival in Užice in 2018.



NATHAN THE WISE by Gotthold E. Lessing; Directed by Jovana Tomic (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
EINSTEIN’S DREAMS by Alen Lajtmen; Directed by Slobodan Unkovski (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
ACCIDENTAL DEATH ON AN ANARCHIST Dario Fo; Directed by Maja Maletkovic (photo: Aleksandar Angelovski)