YDT Ensemble

Natasa Tapuskovic

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art. Member of Yugoslav Drama Theatre ensemble since 2000.


YDT: Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?, (Frau R), Einstein’s Dreams (Colombina, Gina, Dr Helga, Bodily, Helena), Free Exchange Hotel (Marcelle), Nora! (Nora), Betrayal (Emma), The Woman from Sarajevo (Jovanka), The Cherry Orchard (Varya), Let It Be Lovely, Metamorphoses, Candide: Or Optimism (Cunégonde and Marquise), The Seagull (Nina), The Supermarket (Dianna Crnojevich Schwartz), The Pavillions (Mala), Dirty Hands (Jessica);

ATELJE 212: How Much for the Paté (Midwife / Neighbour 2), Therapy (Wife, Bitch, Sister); BDT: Crime on Goat Island (Pia), Kathie and the Hippopotamus (Ana), All My Sons (Ann Deever); UK ‘Vuk Karadžić’: Photo 51 (Dr Rosalind Franklin);

TV: Folk, The Last Audience, Home Theatre, Life is a Miracle

FILM: Monument to Michael Jackson, Tenor (Lirico Spinto), Balkan Is Not Dead, Skinning, Life Is a Miracle, Barking at the Stars

AWARDS: YDT Annual awards (2016, 2014, collective 2013), City of Belgrade award for contribution to the theatre 2010, Branka and Mlađa Veselinović award…



RIGHT YOU ARE, IF YOU THINK SO by Luigi Pirrandelo; Directed by Jagos Markovic (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
EINSTEIN’S DREAMS by Alen Lajtmen; Directed by Slobodan Unkovski (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
FREE EXCHANGE HOTEL by Geoges Feydeau; Directed by Boris Lijesevic (photo: Aleksandar Angelovski)
THE WOMEN FROM SARAJEVO by Ivo Andric; Directed by Gorcin Stojanovic
BETRAYAL by Harlod Pinter; Directed by Goran Susljik
BETRAYAL by Harlod Pinter; Directed by Goran Susljik