YDT Ensemble

Nikola Djuricko

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art, under the mentorship of prof. Milenko Maričić and Branislav Mićunović. In 1994 became recipient of Yugoslav Drama Theatre bursary and a permanent member of its ensemble in 2002.


YDT: Right You Are, If You Think So (Lamberto Laudisi), Free Exchange Hotel (Pinglet), Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Maniac), The Journal of Carnojevic, Othello (Iago), Metamorphoses, As You Like It (Oliver), Candide: Or Optimism (Candide), Barbelo, of Dogs and Children (Marko), Tracks (Joker), Boat for Dolls (Eagle), The Forest (Gennady  Neschastlivcev), Italian Night (Martin), Dog Waltz (Carl Tile), The Seagull (Treplev), Leonce and Lena (Leonce), Belgrade Trilogy (Mića), The Misanthrope (Philinte), In the Hold (Lazar), Last Days of Mankind (Journalist);

BDT: Love, etc… (Oliver), In Eden, in the East (New), Three (Oliver), Class Enemy (Angel), Deathtrap (Clifford Anderson), Strictly Confidential (Bob); BITEF TEATAR: Magic Afternoon (Charlie), Trainspotting (Mark), Hinkemann (Paul Großhahn), Ziggy Stardust (Sid Vicious); ATELJE 212: The Time of Miracles (Apostle); KULT: Sablja dimiskija (Prijatelj Rada), Oxymoron (Policeman, Reporter); SKC Novi Sad: Kill Zoran Đinđić; SKC Beograd: Play Shakespeare (Oberon); CITY THEATRE BUDVA: The Tempest (Ariel), Konte Zanović (Grog Oginski); CITY THEATRE BUDVA/BITEF: The Fall (Jovan); EXIT FEST: Danton’s Death (Danton); PROSCENIUM PRODUCTION: Spamalot (Sir Lancelot); FABRIKA, NOVI SAD: Don Quixote or What Are the Windmills Today and Where the Wind Comes From (Don Quixote).

TV: Žigosani u reketu, Informer, Five, Black Sun, Hollands Hoop, Genius, Open Doors, Legends, The Last Panthers, Montevideo: Taste of a Dream, The Storks Will Return

FILM: Don’t Forget to Breathe, Leeches, Taxi Blues, Halo of Stars, The Herd, So Hot Was the Cannon, World War Z, See You in Montevideo, Children of Sarajevo, In the Land of Blood and Honey, Montevideo: Taste of a Dream, The Woman with a Broken Nose, Human Zoo, The Balkan Roulette, Take a Deep Breath, Mirage, When I Grow Up, I’ll Be a Kangaroo, The Cordon, Zona Zamfirova, T.T. Syndrome, Frozen Stiff, Virtual Reality, Boomerang, Natasha, Dudes, Normal People, Sky Hook, Barking at the Stars, To the Bone

Directed several episodes of Žigosani u reketu, several short films, music videos and theatre production of In Eden, in the East performed over 70 times in theatres around Serbia, the region and abroad.

He wrote and directed his own stand-up show entitled Everything You Wanted to Know about Johnny and Didn’t Dare Ask Himwhich he has successfully performed around the world.

He also wrote a book called The Adventures of a Johnny for which he received the best book for children award at the International Book Fair in Novi Sad in 2019.

AWARDS: YDT Annual awards (2017, 2013, collective 2011, 2009), Ardalion award (2003), Zoran Radmilović award, Avdo Mujčinović award, YU FIRPRESCI for best actor of year 2002, Grand Prix for best male role at the Black Sea Star film festival in Romania, two Emperor Constantine awards at the Film Festival in Niš…

He is also the recipient of the Fight Against Discrimination award for this outstanding contribution to the fight against discrimination in Serbia in 2009.


FREE EXCANGE HOTEL by Geoges Feydeau; Directed by Boris Lijesevic (photo: Aleksandar Angelovski)
ACCIDENTAL DEATH ON AN ANARCHIST Dario Fo; Directed by Maja Maletkovic (photo: Aleksandar Angelovski)
ACCIDENTAL DEATH ON AN ANARCHIST Dario Fo; Directed by Maja Maletkovic (photo: Aleksandar Angelovski)
OTHELLO W. Shakespeare; Directed by Milos Lolic
OTHELLO W. Shakespeare; Directed by Milos Lolic