09 september 2021



My Husband by Rumena Buzharovska, directed by Jovana Tomić, won the the jury award for best production at 8th Two-Hander theatre festival in Topola. The jury included theatre director Nebojša Bradić (jury president), artistic secretary of Atelje 212 Maša Mihailović and theatre critic and theatre expert Aleksandar Milosavljević. The jury justified its decision with these words: In their work on the stories by Rumena Buzharovska, director Jovana Tomić and dramaturgue Dimitrije Kokanov applied a careful selection of stage devices and approaches, typical for modernist expression in theatre, to create an exciting story where confessions of women whose destinies are determined by their relationships with men become intertwined. These women slowly peel off the layers that hide their true place in a patriarchal world and break down the construct and the space of their own lives. Thus they create a highly engaging production whose particular quality lies in the modern, carefully stylised performances by the two excellent protagonists who carefully bring to light all the nuances between the myriad of characters they portray.

The special jury award went to actresses Jovana Belović and Sanja Marković with the following explanation: In a production with a clear concept imposed by the director and clear cut ideas focusing on the grim life stories of women in a patriarchal world, Jovana Belović and Sanja Marković have created an extraordinary acting partnership. They each retain their own acting register and their mission on stage while bouncing off and supporting each other in ways that, just like their performances, blend and unite women’s solidarity and partnership.