YDT and BG praksa

Ever since 2012, Yugoslav Drama Theatre has taken part in the university programme for practical skills development organized by the Belgrade City Council – BG PRAKSA. The aim of the programme is to provide young university graduates or soon-to-be graduates with an opportunity to take part in the everyday life of the theatre, in rehearsals or in the artistic department of YDT in order to put the knowledge acquired during their studies into practice and gain some additional practical skills.

Educational visits to YDT

On occasions, Yugoslav Drama Theatre has opened its doors to educational tours of our theatre where visitors can find out more about what goes on back stage, the basic principles of theatre art, the stages a production needs to go through from the beginning to the opening night but also about the history of Yugoslav Drama Theatre and its ensemble.

Starting from theatre season 2012/13, Yugoslav Drama Theatre has worked closely with several primary and secondary schools in Belgrade (primary schools ‘Zmaj Jova Jovanović’, ‘Nikola Tesla’, ‘Vladislav Ribnikar’ and Secondary Graphichs School in Belgrade) but also with Children’s Cultural Centre in Belgrade and the Museum of Theatrical Arts of Serbia. Educational visits of groups of foreign students (Croatia, USA, Switzerland) have also been organized. Successful collaboration with the Italian Department of the Faculty of Philology has also been initiated with the intention of acquainting the students with the possibility of working in a theatre and of practical application of skills acquired through formal education. Collaboration has also been initiated with the Department for Architecture and Urban planning of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

All the visits took the form of a practical lesson in our theatre, a cultural institution of national importance, and all guided visits were organised in view of the age and level of knowledge but also the wishes and requirements of our guests.