05 April 2020

THE POWDER KEG on JDPtv tonight at 6pm and 9pm (2 nd and 3 rd showing)


Directed by Slobodan Unkovski

The production of THE POWDER KEG by Dejan Dukovski, directed by Slobodan Unkovski, premièred on the main stage of Yugoslav Drama Theatre on 18 th March, 1995.

“When I first read The Powder Keg by Dukovski in Macedonian it really took my breath away, and that doesn’t happen very often. I managed to understand nearly everything. But most importantly, I felt the core significance of this lapidary text, its sharp dialogue, humorous form and its metaphors for the all the difficulties we had to face during those troubled times. Is there anything better than a new play which resembles everything that we see around us but at the same time one that is perfectly distilled in order not to be a literal copy of reality?” is what Jovan Ćirilov wrote about this play by Dejan Dukovski.

THE POWDER KEG had guest performances in Rome (Italy), Nice (France), Bogotá (Columbia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Toruń (Poland), Skopje (Macedonia). It was also performed at the biennial in Bonn (Germany) and MESS festival in Sarajevo. It won four awards at the Yugoslav Theatre Festival in Užice in 1996 – best production, best upcoming actor (Sergej Trifunović), set design (Miodrag Tabački) and costume design (Angelina Atlagić). Miodrag Tabački received a special award at the First Stage Design Biennial in 1997. The production received the audience and the critics awards at 8 th Kontakt International Theatre Festival in Toruń, Poland in 1998.

The last performance took place on 8 th April, 2006.