14 September 2020

Vesić: The YDT reopens, tender for reconstruction of the Bojan Stupica theatre until the end of the year


Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić and Secretary of the Secretariat for Culture Ivan Karl visited today the Yugoslav Drama Theatre (YDT) which will be opening its doors again this evening after a six month hiatus due to coronavirus.

Vesić pointed out that it was the decision of the Serbian Government to start rebuilding the cultural and theatre life.

– Today we are happy to see that the YDT has undertaken all the necessary measures in accordance with epidemiological recommendations. In order for both actors and audience members to remain safe, the number of seats has been reduced from 600 to 172 seats. This is the only way to get back to normal life during the coronavirus epidemic. I am happy to see Belgrade theatres reopening one by one because both the actors and the audiences have missed going to the theatre – Vesić said.

He added that YDT audiences will have an opportunity this evening to see Lorenzaccio, a performance that had been planned to take place on Tašmajdan stadium.

– Back then, the performance was cancelled due to unfavourable epidemiological conditions. I hope there will be no more interruptions in the work of theatres – said the Deputy Mayor.

Vesić pointed out that the second important reason for this visit to the YDT was the reconstruction of the Bojan Stupica theatre.

– We have invested a lot of effort in resolving the administrative and legal issues in order to be able to initiate the procedure of restructuring the Stupica. We already have a conceptual solution for the reconstruction and until the end of the year the City of Belgrade will announce a tender for its project. Once this process is completed, the realistic time frame to begin the reconstruction of the Stupica is 2022 – said Vesić and thanked the YDT general manger Tamara Vučković and the Belgrade Secretariat for Culture on their efforts to resolve the administrative issues.

He pointed out that the reconstruction of the Bojan Stupica will observe all the necessary standards.

– This will be a whole new theatre which will please both actors and audiences. In addition, the City of Belgrade will be restructuring the Yugoslav Drama Theatre itself, our most representative theatre. We are proud of all our theatres, but especially of the YDT. Every year we will invest as much money as we are able in order for the YDT to maintain its status – Vesić added.

When it comes to investing in culture, Vesić announced that the restructuring of the City of Belgrade Museum is scheduled to begin next year but also the construction of the City Gallery at Kosančićev Venac Street which, according to Vesić, will be financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

– I believe that with a boost to our city budget we will be able to earmark more money for culture. The City of Belgrade spends three percent of its budget on culture which is much more than some European countries. I believe we ought to invest more money in culture every year because the Belgrade spirit and culture have become our trademark – Vesić concluded.

General Manger Tamara Vučković pointed out that all the people working at the YDT were looking forward to the first performance after a six month hiatus.

– We have implemented all the measures so people can feel safe, especially our audiences. I feel I must add that the tickets for our September performances have sold out. Also, we are very much looking forward to the reconstruction of the Stupica. We have come a long way through the administrative and legal labyrinth and this part of the work is finally drawing to a close – Vučković said.

The event was attended by Gordana Goncić, deputy secretary for culture of the City of Belgrade.

Taken from beograd.rs   website.