05 September 2022



The main programme of this year’s 56th edition of the BITEF festival will include a co-production between the Yugoslav Drama Theatre and Bitef theatre – Dr Auslender (Made for Germany). The production was conceived and directed by Bojan Đorđev with dramaturgy by Mina Milošević and Tanja Šljivar.

Both titles of this production – Dr Auslender (Made for Germany) – point to a burning issue of the mass exodus of Serbian medical doctors and other health workers to Germany in search of a better life and better working conditions. The main characters are medical workers who, irrespective of their level of education, are learning the language and moving to Germany. These migrations are a result of the times we live in but they are also a reflection of other types of economic migrations. The material for this production is partly based on interviews with 13 medical workers from the countries of former Yugoslavia, with different specialities and levels of training, most of whom are already living in Germany while the others are in the process of getting ready to go. In addition to these life stories, the production also incorporates in its dramatic structure a historical event from the late 20th century and stories about migrant workers and intercontinental migrations.

The cast includes Aleksandar Đinđić, Olivera Guconić, Željko Maksimović and Dragana Varagić.

27 SEP | 7 pm
28 SEP | 7 pm
29 SEP | 7 pm
Venue: Faculty of Medicine, Anatomy Institute, amphitheatre
Address: Dr Subotića Starijeg 4

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