YDT Ensemble

Bojan Dimitrijevic

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art in Belgrade, under the mentorship of prof. Milenko Maričić and prof. Branislav Mićunović. Member of Yugoslav Drama Theatre ensemble since 2015.


YDT: Nathan the Wise (Nathan), Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? (Colleague 2), Free Exchange Hotel (Bastien Morillon/Commissioner), Hamlet (Gravedigger), Accidental Death of an Anarchist (The Superintendent), Nora! (Krogstad), The Imaginary Invalid (Thomas Diafoirus), Suspicious Person (Zhika), The Cherry Orchard (Peter Sergeyevich Trofimov), The Castle (Jeremiah, Momus), Shopping & Fucking (Robbie), Belgrade Trilogy (Jovan), Lulu (Escherni, Casti-Piani), The Oginski Polonaise (David);

ATELJE 212: Casimir and Caroline (Casimir), St. George Slays the Dragon (Mile Vuković), How Far?! (Miloš), Samoudica (Kolya); Da nam živi, živi rad, The Time of Miracles (Asa); ZVEZDARA TEATAR: A Streetcar Named Desire (Mitch); NТ Belgrade: Life Is a Dream (Clarion); BITEF TEATAR: The Lady from the Sea (Lyngstrand), Trainspotting (Simon), Magic Afternoon (Joe), Ziggy Stardust (Ziggy Stardust); ISTER TEATAR/ BITEF: Tickets With No Destination (TV Maniac); MP ‘Duško Radović’: Good Morning Mr Rabbit (Rabbit); BDT: Waiting for Godot (Estragon), Class Enemy (Moonlight); SKC Novi Sad: Kill Zoran Đinđić; ULYSSES/SNT: Shakespeare at the Kremlin (Gavrilo); CZKD: Madam Olga – In Search of the Final Version (Solicitor Novaković); NT Leskovac: Life in the Theatre (John); SKC: Road 94, Belgrade Stories 1 – Caca and Moca; GRAND THEATRE, Groningen: Not me; UTRECHT FACULTY OF THEATRE: The Presence of the Absence.

TV: Five, The Last Panthers, Montevideo: Taste of a Dream, Inspector Nardone, Ono Kao Ljubav, Goose Feather, The Last Audience, The Storks Will Return, Black Gruja

FILM: Taxi blues, Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I’m Sick, Of Bugs and Heroes, The Herd, Name: Dobrica, Surname: Unknown, Sisyphus K., What the Night Brings, Doctor Ray and the Devils, Montevideo: Taste of a Dream, Zone of the Dead, Sector, Take a Deep Breath, The Red Coloured Grey Truck, Goose Feather, The State of the Dead, Boomerang, Natasha

AWARDS: YDT Annual award (collective 2019); Mladen Crnobrnja Gumbek best male actor award for the portrayal of Zhika in the production of Suspicious Person at 37 th Fadil Hadžić Days of Satire theatre festival in Zagreb, best upcoming actor award at Days of Comedy festival in Jagodina.



NATHAN THE WISE by Gotthold E. Lessing; Directed by Jovana Tomic (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
FREE EXCHANGE HOTEL by Geoges Feydeau; Directed by Boris Lijesevic (photo: Aleksandar Angelovski)
ACCIDENTAL DEATH ON AN ANARCHIST Dario Fo; Directed by Maja Maletkovic (photo: Aleksandar Angelovski)
THE IMAGINARY INVALID by J.B.P. Molière; Directed by Jagos Markovic (photo: Nenad Petrović)