YDT Ensemble

Nebojsa Ljubisic

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art. Became a member of NT Leskovac ensemble in 1984 and a member of Yugoslav Drama Theatre ensemble in 1991.


YDT: Alice in Fearland (White Rabbit), I Saw Her That Night (Major Ilić), Under the Millstone (Panta), A Profitable Position (Mikin), Hysteria (Abraham Yahuda), Molière – Another Life (Archbishop de Charonne), The Powder Keg (Mane), The Colonel Bird (Fetisov), Leonce and Lena (Valerio), Let’s Play (August), Dear Yelena Sergeyevna (Vladimir), The Robbers (Carl), Blue Bird (Titil), Prince Pavle (Narrator), Troilus and Cressida (Hector), Calling the Birds;

ATELJE 212: Mary Stuart (Earl of Leicester), Boris Godunov (Khrushchov), Don’t Walk About with Nothing On (Victor); ZVEZDARA TEATAR: Three Sisters – A Hundred Years Later (Tusenbach); BDT: Hotel Europa (Giuseppe Tagliatella), Ćeif (Stevan Petrović), Great Day (Captain Stojanović); POZORIŠTE NA TERAZIJAMA: Old Flert (Frederick); MADLENIANUM: Mitrovdan (Patrijarch Gavrilo Dožić); MODERNA GARAŽA: Stop the Earth, I’m Getting Off (Vitomir Nikolić).

Member of the original cast of Putuj, Evropo cabaret, performed several hundred times.

TV: Better Men, Come What May, Sinđelić Family, Andrija and Anđelka, Jagodići, Woe Is Me, Vasa, Endless Plains, Love and Hate, Kafanica blizu SIS-a, Agencija za SIS, Black Gruja, Small Home-made Graffiti

FILM: System, A Stinking Fairytale, Ringeraja, What Are You Doing Tonight

YDT Annual Award for his performance in I Saw Her That Night. Recipient of YDT Branivoj Đorđević award for diction.


UNDER THE MILLSTONE by Dragoslav Nenadic; Directed by Egon Savin (photo: Nenad Petrovic)