07 October 2020

YDT posters in Making Posters and at the Moscow Biennale


The book MAKING POSTERS by world renowned, multiple award winners Scott Laserow and Natalia Delgado, focuses on concept in design and guides its readers through the stages of planning, analysis and designing posters which attract audience attention. Using examples from around the world, the authors draw attention to successful implementation of most recent approaches in design, be it classical or modern, from protests to propaganda, from pop-culture to animated and interactive design. The latest book by Scott Laserow and Natalia Delgado includes posters designed by Mirko Ilić for the Yugoslav Drama Theatre productions of The Glass Neck, Lorenzaccio, Nathan the Wise, La Celestina and Uncle Vanya.

The 14 th edition of the Moscow Golden Bee International Graphic Design Biennale was opened a few days ago. The works of artists from around the world included posters designed by Mirko Ilić for the most recent Yugoslav Drama Theatre productions Who the Fuck Started All This and The Travelling Troupe Šopalović.

Book Making Posters