Change Theatre, Novi Sad, BELEF Tena Štivičić

Three Winters

Directed by Jasna Djuricic

Duration 3h 45 min with one interval

This production was the result of a graduation piece by drama students under the mentorship of professors Jasna Đuričić and Sanja Ristić Krajnov. The production premièred on 25th March 2018.

Three Winters follows the story of a family from Zagreb and their house seen during three periods in that family’s history (1945, 990 and 2011), where each year becomes a turning point affecting not only the destinies of the protagonists of this story but also the history of the whole of former Yugoslavia. Caught in the whirlwind of wars, contemporary political upheavals and loves, we see the courage to find their place in the world primarily in individual stories of the female protagonists who have been the pillar of the family for many generations. While observing their meanderings through modern times, at times through retrospection, we remember everything that a family had to face in the past and how remote this past is from where we are now.



Photo: Mila Pejić
Photo: Milica Raković
Photo: Edvard Molnar
Photo: Edvard Molnar