02 may 2023



The General Assembly of the Union of Theatres in Europe was held in Thessaloniki last weekend. The UTE Board met on Saturday, 29th April and was attended by the Yugoslav Drama Theatre director Tamara Vučković Manojlović in her capacity as Board member. The General Assembly was held on Sunday, 30th April in the presence of directors and artistic directors of the most important European theatres from Italy, Poland, Portugal, Israel, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Bulgaria… This session of the General Assembly was hosted by the National Theatre of Northern Greece from Thessaloniki.

After the successful cooperation of UTE members as part of the Catastrophy project, new forms of cooperation and co-productions are already being planned. A new festival organised by the Union of Theatres in Europe is scheduled to take place in November in Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture for this year. Following a vote by UTE representatives, the Slovene National Theatre Drama from Ljubljana became the latest member of UTE.

During her stay in Thessaloniki, the director of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre Tamara Vučković Manojlović agreed a production exchange with the National Theatre of Northern Greece from Thessaloniki, as well as a production exchange with the National Theatre in Porto (Portugal) scheduled for 2024. Ms Vučković Manojlović also met with the representatives of the Dimitria Festival from Thessaloniki who included the YDT production of Titus Andronicus in the programme of this year’s festival. This festival, organised by the Directorate of Culture of the City of Thessaloniki is held in October.