YDT Ensemble

Milica Gojkovic

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Art in Belgrade under the mentorship of prof. Nebojša Dugalić. Member of  Yugoslav Drama Theatre ensemble since 2018.

PRODUCTIONS (selection):

YDT: Much Ado About Nothing (Beatrice),  Nathan the Wise (Recha), Uncle Vanya (Sofia Alexandrovna), The Glass Neck (Mirna), A Month in the Country (Verochka), Einstein’s Dreams (Bettina, Mica, Giuseppina, Ballerina, Young Domenica), Tartuffe (Mariane), Under the Millstone (Olga), Free Exchange Hotel (Victoire);

ATELJE 212: Strujosek (Staja), Casimir and Caroline (Elli); NT Belgrade: The Nineties (Ceca); BDT: Man, Beast and Virtue (Nonò), Palilula Novel (Sister-in-law), Invitation to a Beheading (Twins).

TV:   Hide and Seek (Zora), Besa (Una Perić), Black Sun (Mara), Suspicious Persons (Mala).

AWARDS: YDT Annual awards (collective 2019, 2017), Ružica Sokić award for best actor in season 2017/2018, Golden Antenna award for best female supporting role (Mara, Black Sun), FEDIS 2018.



MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING by William Shakespeare; Directed by Iva MIlosevic (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
NATHAN THE WISE by Gotthold E. Lessing; Directed by Jovana Tomic (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
UNCLE VANYA A. P. Chekhov; Directed by Egon Savin (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
THE GLASS NECK by Biljana Srbljanovic; Directed by Jagosa Markovica (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY by I. S. Turgenev; Directed by Iva Milosevic (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
EINSTEIN’S DREAMS by Alen Lajtmen; Directed by Slobodan Unkovski (photo: Nenad Petrovic)
FREE EXCHANGE HOTEL by Geoges Feydeau; Directed by Boris Lijesevic (photo: Aleksandar Angelovski)